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FIFA World Cup 2010 - How it will go down...

Posted on: December 6, 2009 3:54 pm
Edited on: December 6, 2009 5:38 pm

Group A

France will do well to scrape through in this one. Mexico have a solid defence with Marquez and Salcido at the heart, and exciting flair players up top in Dos Santos and Vela - the team I think will come through on top. South Africa obviously have the home advantage, but I don't think this will be enough to see off France, who will be trying their darnedest to prove to people that they deserve their place.

1st - Mexico; 2nd - France; 3rd - South Africa; 4th - Uruguay

Group B

Despite their troubles in qualifying, Argentina should dominate this group. Nigeria and South Korea may prove handfuls, but anything other than 9 points will be a disappointment for the Argies. South Korea's industry, which always sees them do well in tournaments will push them through alongside the South Americans.

1st - Argentina; 2nd - South Korea; 3rd - Nigeria; 4th - Greece

Group C

Again, England should dominate this group. Capello has instilled the belief in the Three Lions that his side can brush aside the lesser teams in important matches, and 9 points should be expected. The USA are hard to break down, so I'm expecting them to push Algeria for second... But the North Africans have a good track record in recent times.

1st - England; 2nd - Algeria; 3rd - USA; 4th - Slovenia

Group D

Much to almost the entire world's displeasure, Germany ALWAYS seem to do well in tournaments, and so will walk through the group stages. Second place will be a close run thing between all three of the other teams in the group, but the Ghanaian core of Essien and Muntari should push them through to the second round.

1st - Germany; 2nd - Ghana; 3rd - Serbia; 4th - Australia

Group E

Depending on the fitness of a few key players, Holland have the chance (as they always do) of going a long way this World Cup. With Van Persie and Robben on the pitch, they should definitely top the group though. Second place should again be a tight one, but I'm struggling to see beyond Eto'o and the Cameroonians.

1st - Holland; 2nd - Cameroon; 3rd - Japan; 4th - Denmark

Group F

Italy have been handed probably the easiest group of all the top seeds, and should be able to make it through if they avoid being complacent. Neither Slovakia or New Zealand are good enough to make it to the second stage of a big tournament like this, and so by default Paraguay should join the Italians in round 2.

1st - Italy; 2nd - Paraguay; 3rd - Slovakia; 4th - New Zealand

Group G

North Korea have a hell of a task making it out of this group... The other three teams could all be in amongst the top two of all other groups. Brazil are pretty much certain to make it out, but the runner up is a little trickier to predict. I'm going to side with Portugal, because the Ivory Coast don't have as solid a starting eleven.

1st - Brazil; 2nd - Portugal; 3rd - Ivory Coast; 4th - North Korea

Group H

Spain will have their work cut out against Chile, but should wipe the floor with both Honduras and Switzerland. Chile pushed Brazil for the top of the CONMEBOL qualifying stages, whereas Honduras only scraped through in the CONCACAF qualifiers over Costa Rica on goal difference. Switzerland may as well be there to keep the time for the other teams.

1st - Spain; 2nd - Chile; 3rd - Honduras; 4th - Switzerland


Winner Group A vs Runner Up Group B - Mexico vs South Korea

Mexico showed with their 5-0 demolition of the US in the final of the CONCACAF Gold Cup, that they have the ability to cut teams to shreds when the pressure is on. This could be the tournament where Giovani dos Santos announces himself on the world stage.

Game winner: Mexico

Winner Group C vs Runner Up Group D - England vs Ghana

England should be relatively fresh and hopefully unscathed from the group stages, and so should be able to brush aside Essien and co. This is by no means an easy matchup, but big game experience should assist the England squad.

Game winner: England

Winner Group E vs Runner Up Group F - Holland vs Paraguay

The depth of the Dutch squad should have enabled them to keep a few pairs of legs fresh for the knockout stages, which will obviously work in their favour against Paraguay. They should win this game with some ease.

Game winner: Holland

Winner Group G vs Runner Up Group H - Brazil vs Chile

A South American matchup of the highest caliber, this game may actually be a lot tighter than many people expect. Having said that, Brazil beat Chile in both of their qualifying games, and should do the same here.

Game winner: Brazil

Winner Group B vs Runner Up Group A - Argentina vs France

Two teams who are better than their qualifying campaigns suggest get a chance to redeem themselves against quality opposition. Both are going through transition phases, but Argentina have youth and industry on their side, so I'll go for them.

Game winner: Argentina

Winner Group D vs Runner Up Group C - Germany vs Algeria

As per usual, the Germans make the most of their favourable matchup, and brush aside Algeria to make it into the quarter finals.

Game winner: Germany

Winner Group F vs Runner Up Group E - Italy vs Cameroon

Italy may pay at this stage for not having truly been tested. Complacency will slip into the ageing Azzuri side, and an energetic, skillful Cameroon side will push them the full 90 minutes. If this goes to extra time, expect the Cameroonians to come through... Which I choose as my outcome.

Game winner: Cameroon

Winner Group H vs Runner Up Group G - Spain vs Portugal

The Battle of Iberia, Portugal will realise that making it through the group stages was pretty much pointless as they get brushed aside by European Champions Spain. I don't expect this to even be close.

Game winner: Spain

Quarter Final and onwards to follow... (This entry is getting a little long!)

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Posted on: December 22, 2009 5:28 pm

FIFA World Cup 2010 - How it will go down...

Oh Jim. You try so hard, bless, but you find it so hard to prove me wrong... My predictions have the two favourites from each group progressing? Let's look at that:

Group A: (Odds taken from William Hill)

France 5/6; Uruguay 19/5; Mexico 19/5; South Africa 6/1
Uruguay and Mexico are joint second favourites to progress, but I have Mexico topping the group... Not exactly following "seed order", whatever that is.

Group B:

Argentina 4/9; Nigeria 4/1; Greece 8/1; South Korea 9/1
And I have Argentina and South Korea qualifying... Again, where am I supposed to be predicting the two favourites to go through?!

Group C:

England 3/10; USA 9/2; Slovenia 10/1; Algeria 16/1 
Umm, England and ALGERIA???! They're rank outsiders to go through! Seriously Jim, get a clue.

Group D:

Germany 4/5; Serbia 7/2; Ghana 4/1; Australia 7/1
Okay, so that one's a little closer, but I still have Ghana going through over Serbia... Still not really sticking to your rule, fool.

The other groups were a lot more predictable I thought, but there is a reason the teams are given those odds - that is how good they are in relation to one another!

And yes I predicted England would make it through to the semis, but that's only because I had them matched up against Mexico and Ghana in the next two rounds. If they'd played Germany or France in either of those games, I'd probably have said they'd get knocked out.

Lay off the whiskey before your next post mate.

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Posted on: December 12, 2009 5:54 pm
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FIFA World Cup 2010 - How it will go down...

As you know, I'm still in the middle of my own assesment...
But I thought I'd have a look at your ideas and see where we are in comparison...

Group A: Mexico, yeah, I'll agree with that but I still feel France will struggle for goals and it'll cost them...
Much to my own happiness...
Group B: Argentina top, yup, like certain other nations, they know how to make the KO stages but South Korea?
I'm going with Nigeria, I just fancy them to out a muscle the Koreans...
Group C: Fine, England top the group but again, we differ on second spot...
I'm going with our US counter parts, I just don't see Algeria as that much of a threat...
Group D: We agree!!!
I think England should tie with Ghana just to avoid them, still, it would then be Germany... Foot in mouth

That's as far as I'm going for now...

I do have to get back to my own...

I may just finish it before the kickoff!!!

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Posted on: December 6, 2009 4:19 pm

FIFA World Cup 2010 - How it will go down...


Mexico vs England

Giovani is much less of an unknown quantity to the England squad, as is Carlos Vela, and so the Three Lions should be able to restrain them more effectively than any of Mexico's previous opponents. It may be close, but England should make it through by the odd goal here.

Game winner: England

Holland vs Brazil

A game probably worthy of being the final, this will be a battle of two offences. Neither team are especially adept at defending, and so it will be a game won by whichever team can convert the most of their many chances. Somebody in Orange is likely to break before this point, and so I'm expecting Brazil to come through.

Game winner: Brazil

Argentina vs Germany

After their stuttering qualifying campaign, the Argies will consider getting to the quarter finals about par for their level of quality. It will be this gratitude which the German efficiency picks up upon and capitalises upon. I expect this will also be Diego Maradona's last game in charge as the nation realise he really isn't cut out for management.

Game winner: Germany

Cameroon vs Spain

Samuel Eto'o is Cameroon's best player, which is a fact not unknown by the Spanish and its team. The Spanish defence, while not necessarily being able to shut down Eto'o entirely, will know exactly how to cut off his supply, and so should walk this one. Without so much as breaking a sweat.

Game winner: Spain


England vs Brazil

End of the line for England. Unfortunately, we're just not good enough to beat anybody who is any good. It's pretty much just good luck that we managed to avoid anybody as good as Brazil before this stage. As displayed in the recent friendly, Brazil should easily outplay Capello's boys, and should be pretty well rested for the final.

Game winner: Brazil

Germany vs Spain

Much like the England side, Germany only really managed to make it this far by avoiding all of the big boys in earlier rounds. Spain will pick apart an unimaginative German side, possibly strolling home by a two or three goal margin. Both teams in the final should, barring suspensions, have a full strength squad available to them, which will make for a brilliant game.

Game winner: Spain


Brazil vs Spain

The final every neutral and true football fan wants. Two attacking, exciting, passing sides, who have the potential to show the world what football is all about. The world stage is obviously the best place for two teams like this to demonstrate their talents, and I just hope that after a month of intense football they can do the game justice. Oh, you want me to pick a winner and shut up... Spain. Just because of their slightly more reliable defence.

Game and tournament winner: Spain


No doubt the Germans will win on penalties.

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